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Long Hill Township DRAFT 2020 Master Plan Historic Sites

The list above is the result of the efforts of Morris County, the Long Hill Township Historical Society and Long Hill Township.  The foundation of this work was an inventory of about 150 properties resulting in the 1986/1987 Morris County Cultural Resources Survey prepared by the consultant Acroterian and sponsored by Morris County.  Since then, the Historical Society has continued to maintain the survey and it has been available online for the past 15 years.  Notably, Historical Society members prepared the 1996 Historic Element of the Master Plan and used the Society data for that purpose.

In 2016, Township Historian, Kelly Roshto began a comprehensive assessment of over 300 sites within Long Hill Township. She corrected numerous errors using deeds, Society records, newspaper reports and genealogies.  Each property was qualified using the National Register of Historic Places criteria.  Thank you to all those involved, both past and present, including the Acroterian Consultant for Morris County, dedicated members of the Historical Society and volunteers serving on the Historic Preservation Advisory Committee.

Guy Roshto, President
Long Hill Township Historical Society


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